If you’re feeling like there are too many cooks in your kitchen, then perhaps you just need a bigger room! At Greaves Construction, we are the premier company for kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County. Whether you’re looking to add high-efficiency appliances, add counter space, or redo the entire space, we’ve got you covered. We understand that no two customers are alike, that’s why we offer the best customization services in the area, to help meet your needs. Greaves can make your dream cookery come true!

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The room where cooking is conducted is considered to be the heart of many homes, and is central to family activity. Think about it, most days you spend preparing and or eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen. A simple update that maximizes space and modernizes the look and feel of the room is great combination of design and functionality. If you live in Temple Terrace or Hillsborough County and want to have a cooking and food preparation center that you can brag about, give Greaves Construction a call today.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Temple Terrace:

  • Custom Designs
  • High Efficiency Appliances
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • LP Gas Conversions
  • Custom Counter Tops
  • Island and Counter Designs
  • Food Pantries
  • And much more!

At Greaves we understand that hiring a contractor to come into your home is a major decision. It’s important to hire someone who is experienced and trustworthy. As a company that’s been in the remodeling business for 30 years, we have the experience to do the job right. As getting the job right done the first time is important, we hope that you will hire us as your contractor for kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County. Sometimes things can go wrong with remodels and with the wrong contractor, the problem can quickly escalate into a disaster. Our experience is to your benefit! We can handle any problem that occurs and handle it efficiently to get your dream food preparation center space back on track.

Let Us Create Your Dream Kitchen!

Whether you’re looking to fire things up in the frying pan or finally get rid of those cabinets from the seventies, Greaves has you covered. The cookery is one of the most used rooms in a home. If you’re tired of looking at the same old design, and need an update, then new cabinetry might be for you. Our friendly and experienced professionals can help guide you through every step of the remodeling process. There are many different options to choose from when updating your kitchen in the Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County areas.

Remodeling Options:

  • Vary Countertop Heights
  • Raise Cabinet Kick Space
  • Roll Up Sink Area
  • Lever Faucets
  • Raise Dishwasher
  • Lower Wall Stove
  • Pull Out Cook Tops at Lower Height
  • Drawer Microwave
  • Front Appliance Controls
  • Upper Cabinets with Drop Down Shelves
  • Lower Cabinets with Pullout Shelves
  • Single Function Doors and Drawers
  • Full Extension Drawers
  • Lower Pantry Shelves
  • Pull Out Shelves
  • Lazy Susan
  • Pop Up Small Appliance Storage
  • Non Skid Floors
  • Lower Switches and Outlets
  • Automated Lighting

Services We Provide

No matter what your needs are, big or small, Greaves can take care of you! We pride ourselves on helping you through the remodeling process to ensure that everything is the way you want it. Excellent work and exceptional customer service are of the utmost importance to us. Living in the same house for years can get old and a remodel is a great way to update any room, even your bathroom! We also provide whole home renovations. If you are thinking of kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County or even Tampa Palms, give us a call today or contact us online at 813-985-2739. We can help you achieve your dream!