What if you found out that an old structure could be updated to look like new while still maintaining the unique historical aspect that once made it thrive? With a professional and qualified historic restoration company like Greaves Construction in Tampa, such a renovation is very possible.

Historic Restoration Company

We offer five types of renovation, including:

  • Seamless Additions
  • Whole House Restoration
  • Secretary of Interior Standards
  • Reproduce Anything
  • Ad Valorem Tax Incentives

Not sure which service works best for you? Keep reading for more information!

Seamless Additions

If you are looking to make an update to a bathroom, kitchen or add an extra room to your house, this might be the perfect option. However, as a historic restoration company in Tampa and Hillsborough County, we do far more than simply change the layout.

  • Mirror Existing Features: From the design to the materials used during the renovation, we guarantee your addition will match the overall structure, no matter the age.
  • Adding Space: We can add space to a particular room, such as a kitchen, while still maintaining the look and design.

Whole House Restoration

If more than one room within a residence is in need of immediate restoration, sometimes it is best to start from the beginning. The expenses are more, but the reward is greater as well. Below are some specific tips to help you decide whether this service is right for your needs.

  • Home is Structurally Sound: If things such as layout, look, and size are fine, but the house is just old, then this option is appropriate. We won’t tear the home down and start over; we’ll just spruce up the interior.
  • Costs: Hiring a historic restoration company in Tampa or Hillsborough County will cost more upfront, but it will also save you money in the future. You will not have to worry about paying for minor repairs. Restoring everything upfront is far better and more economical than you being left with minor repair expenses over a consistent, long term basis.

Secretary of Interior Standards

These set standards help to both protect and preserve the cultural value of a home, and we abide by them without exception. What’s so important about some of these guidelines?

  • They require a property to be used as it was historically or be given a new use with few, if any, changes.
  • These rules don’t allow for the removal of distinctive materials. While we repair your home, we won’t take away or alter what makes it unique.
  • Any chemical or physical treatments will be used with an abundance of caution, so as not to cause any unnecessary change or damage to the property.

We Can Reproduce Anything

Worried about changing or replacing something as minor as window shutters for fear of altering the makeup of the residence? As a professional historic restoration company in Tampa and Hillsborough County, we have the supplies and a willingness to go to extreme lengths to make sure absolutely nothing is altered regarding your home.

Our goal is to make your home once again structurally sound and livable. In our case, that doesn’t include unnecessary aesthetic changes.

Ad Valorem Tax Incentives

Did you know that historic houses are entitled to tax exemptions regarding approved renovations that can equal $140 per year, for 10 years? Of course, such exemptions are only possible for those who increase their property value by $10,000. However, with a historic restoration company like Greaves Construction in Tampa and Hillsborough County, this is very achievable. What’s more, we’ll make sure our customers have the information available to take advantage of these exemptions.

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