For homeowners, new or current, remodeling can be intimidating. It involves numerous people and steps, from hiring the right contractor to finding the right company, and in general, can make any individual fearful.  Here at Greaves Construction in Temple Terrace, Florida, we like to take the stress out of remodeling for you. Below we will describe the various steps to the process but simplified and streamlined for your ease.

1. Remodeling With A Plan

To begin you want to hammer out a detailed timeline for your project. On average, a complete home remodel takes 3-6 months. This can change depending on the size and complexity of it, who you hire, and the amount of work you do on your own. A  good rule of thumb is for every $10,000 spent the work within that will take about two weeks. Generally, just the planning phase can take up to a month alone.

Components to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Remodel

  • ideas/inspiration
  • layout
  • size
  • budget
  • contractors

One of the most important components when constructing your remodeling plan is RESEARCH! Know what you’re getting into. Talk to your partner or whoever else may be involved and be sure all facets are well-thought-out, understood, and discussed. Everyone must be on the same page. Also, look through magazines, visit home improvement stores, find your inspiration through examples in these places and others. Furthermore, think about the layout or size of the remodeling project. Will square footage need to be added or can you work with what you have? If adding be sure to check for possible necessary permits.

Another vital piece of the plan is budget, budget, budget! For almost all remodeling projects it is best to plan for 10-20% contingency within your budget. It is never promised what issues may or may not be found. Also, keep in mind contractors are almost a promised necessity. They’re most valuable when hiring sub-contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. These are professionals that can handle areas that are usually more complex and best left to the experts.

2. Demolition During A Remodel

This phase includes pulling up carpet and wallpaper to tearing down walls or cutting a hole in your roof. It is usually the swiftest part of the remodeling. Some projects only require a day or two in this area, others need more time depending on their scale. During this phase make sure you have an idea of where you’re going to stay if not within the home itself. Lastly, be sure to have a large roll-off dumpster rented and on-site for large and small debris disposal.

3. Constructing the Skeleton

This is often called the “rough-in” process. It’s where any and all work beneath the floors or behind the walls is completed. This includes the installation of ductwork for central heating and AC, as well as electrical and plumbing. Wood framing will also be added where necessary, with windows and doors installed within the framework. If rooms are being added then this is the step in the remodeling process where the roof will be extended and enclosed, along with gutters and exterior siding.

4. Reinserting the Mechanicals

Following the completion of the skeleton, all utilities will be repositioned back into the space. This is a good time during the remodeling to rewire the entirety of the home if necessary and especially if it is an older home. Updates can also be made to the electrical panel as well as water lines to new copper pipes.

5. Walls Up!

After all the framework is built, wires inserted, and appliances installed it’s finally time for the walls to go up. This means at this point in the remodeling process that the insulation is inserted or blown in and drywall is hung along with taping, mudding, and sanding. Lastly, it’s time for paint, wallpaper, or whatever finish is desired.

6. Flooring, Cabinets, & Appliances

At this point, all wiring and plumbing should be installed, framing and drywall finished, and windows and doors put up. Consequently, it is time for all appliances to be reinserted such as your fridge, dishwashers, and laundry machines. It is also a good time for flooring to be applied. Some wait to install flooring first, but it is easier to avoid damage if this is done after the walls are finished. Also, upper storage cabinets, vanities, and pre-cut countertops can be installed.

7. Clean-up and Finishing Touches

Once all appliances are in the finishing touches can finally be acknowledged. This goes from nailing up trim to touching up paint where needed. You will also want to have a professional come clean out your vents from renovation dust.

Remodeling a home can be an intense process and a lot to take in. At Greaves Construction we take the stress and difficulty out of the project for you. Call us at 813-985-2739 for all your remodeling needs, located in Temple Terrace, Florida.