For upgrades or alterations, turn to Greaves for residential construction services in Tampa. Whether you are located in Ybor City or Hyde Park, our designers and builders can bring your ideas to life. Our many years in the contracting business have given us a firm foundation of expertise and a wellspring of ideas for those who want to explore their options.

You might be on a DIY kick after watching a marathon on HGTV, but these shows do not reveal all of the in-between trips to the hardware store or the grunt work involved. Add in that you lack the experience that these seasoned hosts have, and you could be in for a lengthy and frustrating project. We do not want to undermine your design savvy or capacity to install appliances in Tampa, but we have acquired enough clients who came to us after something went awry with a DIY. What do you do if your kitchen cabinets do not turn out as planned? Live with it? On the other hand, what happens if, mid-project, you change your mind and wish to put in a barrier-free shower? Start over? Instead of navigating residential construction services on your own, team with professionals to get the result you want the first time around.

Every Room Offers an Opportunity for Change

You may have recently acquired a historic property in South Tampa or it is possible you have owned a townhome in the Channel District for over ten years. Whatever the case, every room within the place contains an opportunity for changes, upgrades, or alterations. While some individuals have a natural eye, some prefer to consult with professional designers and builders to ensure that their ideas are functional, manageable, and affordable.

  • Kitchen – With residential construction services, you can transform a crowded eating area into an open gathering space where your culinary skills can thrive. From custom cabinetry to LP gas conversions to unique islands and counters, your kitchen can become a room that matches your needs. If cooking is central to your lifestyle, you might consider installing high-efficiency appliances or creating a large food pantry. Perhaps, you are more apt to get take-out in Tampa but enjoy the clean look of a beautiful kitchen. In this case, you can focus on the stain of the cabinets or color of granite for your countertop. For those who enjoy hosting parties, you will need ample counter space for appetizers and you might even consider a second oven.
  • Bathroom – Though often overlooked because of its private nature, the bathroom deserves your full attention when it comes to residential construction services. After all, you spend a substantial amount of time there. The remodeling plans for your house in downtown Tampa might involve non-skid flooring, tankless water heaters, dual sinks, and more. Since plumbing and electrical work are in close proximity, it is best to pass this task over to professional builders.
  • Historic Restoration – Known for their character and charm, historic houses appeal to many individuals in Hillsborough County. While the look may be on point, it can be challenging trying to bring appliances, plumbing, and structural components up to speed. Too many people tear out wood flooring because they see water stains or termite damage. Instead of throwing away these historic resources, let our restoration experts preserve the original heart pine. We have the skills and access to historic materials that are not offered in standard hardware stores. Whatever your dreams for your Seminole Heights home, the residential construction services team at Greaves can make them a reality!

If you are considering a renovation project, turn to Greaves for residential construction services! Our contractors have worked on projects from the Davis Islands to historic Tampa Heights all the way to Forest Hills.

Upgrade Your Home’s Efficiency

Our dedication to green building allows you to bring functional appliances into your Forest Hills home without sacrificing appearance. Sustainability is usually only noticeable when you get your utility bills and notice how much you are saving. Tampa families might consider:

  • Radiant barriers
  • Solar or wind systems
  • Hot water recirculation pumps
  • Low-flow faucets or showerheads
  • Rainwater reclamation
  • Drip irrigation
  • And more!

Not all companies that offer residential construction services are green building experts. Honor the environment while cutting down utility costs in your Sulphur Springs home.

Greave’s for Residential Construction Services

If you are searching for a contractor who completes tasks thoroughly, communicates clearly, and values preservation, Greaves is your top choice in Tampa. Beyond standard upgrades, we specialize in whole house renovations, universal design, and green building. With so many choices, it might be challenging to choose which direction to go. If you are stumped, our designers and builders will discuss options and identify your top priorities for residential construction services, so you get the outcome you want!