Many homeowners in Tampa are looking to move to a type of household that is accessible for all individuals, regardless of their ability or disability. Universal design is the most comprehensive way to ensure that your residence is maneuverable and safe for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. From dropped curbs to high-tech elevators, we can transform your property into the space of your dreams that others will be green with envy over!

What is Universal Design?

North Carolina State University’s Center for Universal Design defines the concept as the intent “to simplify life for everyone by making products, communications, and the built environment more usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost. Universal design benefits people of all ages and abilities.”

Universal design entails altering the property to make it accessible for all, especially those with disabilities. Even if you are young and in good health now, it is always beneficial to think about the future and imagine how you can make your life easier down the road in Tampa. The elements included in this style of home decor are not exclusively for any one person, and their name alone indicates that anyone can benefit from a variety of features including:

  • Limit stairs
  • Add handrails to high-traffic areas
  • Improve and automate lighting
  • Walk-in tubs and showers
  • Elevators
  • Wide hallways
  • Non-skid flooring
  • And much more!

Each of these features can make a residence more accessible for those in wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and scooters, and those with arthritis, chronic pain, hip problems, and other limiting issues. For able-bodied individuals, wider hallways, walk-in showers, automated lighting, and other universal design elements can simply be attractive features that enhance the aesthetic quality and usability of the home.

Why Greaves Construction is Your Universal Design Solution

At Greaves Construction, we work hard to make sure that every home we work in meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients in Tampa. When we work with clients interested in universal design, we strive to ensure that every element of our plan for your house meets ADA codes and compliance standards.


Kitchens are a commonly frequented space in every home, and making sure that all can enjoy the festivities of family gatherings and cooking. With lowered light switches, varying heights of countertops, strategically located outlets, drawer microwaves, roll-up sinks, and other implements, life can be a lot easier for everyone that enters your Tampa dwelling.


Everyone needs to be able to access the bathroom in a house, and in order to make that feasible for those with restrictions, we can add features such as:

  • Walk-in showers and tubs
  • Lowered or raised countertops
  • Roll-up sinks and wash basins
  • Non-skid flooring
  • Towel bars and hooks
  • Handrails for stability

All of these features can greatly enhance even the most able-bodied individual’s experience, and the addition of universal design can improve the value of your home in Tampa.

Living Areas

Even if you think your property is friendly to those who may have a more difficult time maneuvering around, you would be surprised how many simple additions and replacements can enhance the accessibility of your house. Living areas can be intimidating for those with physical disabilities, but with the inclusion of handrails for gripping, improved lighting for visibility, wider space for maneuvering, and smooth transition ramps and anti-skid floors, anyone can feel safe and welcome in the living areas of your Tampa homestead.

Contact Greaves for a Universal Design Friendly Home

When you are ready to embrace universal design and all of its benefits —for you, your loved ones, your guests, and your residence’s value— contact Greaves Construction. We are members of the Tampa Bay Builders Association, Florida Home Builders Association, the National Association of Home Builders, and we are an EPA-certified lead-safe firm. We have been awarded multiple titles of honor in the Tampa area thanks to our artisanship and hard work, as well as our high standard for customer service and providing the best services to the Bay area. Call us today at 813-985-2739 to learn more.