Working, renovating, or doing hard labor around your residence can be a grueling task. Many individuals find that they simply do not have the time. If you are spending time at work and with your family, squeezing in additional time to attempt what a residential construction company can offer is impossible.

The hot sun is almost always present. Even during chilly days, it is easy to work up a sweat slowly moving along a project. Changes and alterations to a property are not as easy as some “do it yourself” videos may make it out to be. There can be many additional complications that make it impossible for an amateur to do.

Your Tampa or Westchase property deserves professional remolding to look as great as it can and avoid any structural weaknesses. Instead, save time, money, and effort with Greaves Construction for your renovation.


Since kitchens require often need gas and can span a large area with heavy equipment, they can be difficult to approach. For some, just maintaining a kitchen is enough work for the day. However, there is an easy solution.

By hiring a business to take care of your property, you can avoid much of the stress and slow progress that can come with indoor home development. If you are tired of your design or your countertops are peeling then maybe a residential construction company is right for you.

Your Tampa or Westchase kitchen can benefit from a wide range of options and upgrades including:

  • Varying countertop heights
  • Automatic lighting
  • Drawer microwave
  • Custom designs
  • Appliance controls

In addition to having more choices, the professionals at Greaves will guide you step by step. Instead of worrying about how the final product will be, you can follow your Tampa or Westchase kitchen unfold.


The bathroom is the room that most people see as their waking up, besides their bedroom. Bathrooms should be an area to relax and not one of stress due to remodeling needs. A residential construction company can design your perfect bathroom with all the features you desire.

Whether extensive customization or smaller additions, it does not matter. Maybe you need a larger sink or towel hook to finish out the bathroom’s look? There are plenty of additions to a bathroom that can improve not only the look but even the energy consumption.

Tampa and Westchase energy and water costs can add up and reducing them can be beneficial for any property owner. For example, with a tankless heater, customers can save on their water bills. Customers have their pick of options including:

  • Faucet flow speed
  • Bamboo floors
  • Tankless heater
  • Multiple show heads
  • Towel hooks
  • Walk-in tubs

With Greaves, the choice is yours. You can decide what you want to be done to your bathroom to make it more comfortable. Additionally, all work is done with green building in mind to conserve energy and water while reducing carbon emissions.

Green Building

The term “green building” refers to the use of building equipment and design to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Your carbon footprint grows larger when your residence does not properly use energy and water. With a residential construction company like Greaves, you can be sure that your systems will use energy wisely.

The major elements of green building are heat, air, and moisture. Reducing energy loss or gain through windows can save on air conditioning costs. Meanwhile, solar systems can conserve energy and make it easier to save on your energy bills. Even the cabinets in your residential construction project can be eco-friendly. Customers are able to follow builders and designers throughout the whole process to ensure they are aware of the necessary information.

Greaves Residential Construction Company

Your Tampa or Westchase property is in safe hands with the right contractor. Hiring the wrong contractors can lead to headaches and bad remodeling. With property at risk, hiring a residential construction company that can handle your job is paramount. With over 30 years of experience, Greaves Construction offers green building and remodeling expertise throughout the Tampa and Westchase area. Contact Greaves Construction today at 813-985-2739 to begin your property remodeling project.