Interest in green building contractors in Tampa and Hillsborough County continues to grow as more and more people try to put their environmental principles to work in their everyday lives. Home remodeling offers the perfect opportunity to improve energy efficiency and incorporate beautiful and long-lasting sustainable products in your living space.

Greaves Construction makes it easy to include environmentally friendly practices and materials in all of your home remodeling projects. With over 30 years’ experience, we offer one-stop design/ build remodeling. With one team managing your entire renovation from design to completion, we make it easy for you to manage all of the available sustainable choices. Greaves Construction is one of the top green building contractors in Tampa and Hillsborough County.


Our design/ build method allows you to explore eco-friendly options throughout the entire renovation process. We know which styles and components work together and which products give you the most bang for your energy bucks. If any deconstruction is needed, Greaves Construction will control the reuse and recycle process to minimize waste.

Select Greaves Construction as your green building contractors in Tampa for:

  • Whole house renovation
  • Kitchen and bath remodeling
  • 1 & 2 story additions
  • Universal design
  • Historic restoration


Your home is not simply a collection of isolated building materials and appliances, but a complex structure of multiple systems that work together to keep your family safe and comfortable. Upgrading your home with compatible equipment can reduce your utility bills while helping to conserve the Earth’s limited resources.

Green building contractors in Tampa and Hillsborough County like Greaves Construction can assist you in selecting environmentally friendly options for:

  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Power management
  • Solar and wind applications

Our design/ build team is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for your home and your family. Let us manage your entire project for an integrated approach to green design. For example, the use of certain roofing and insulation components might allow you to choose a lower volume HVAC system. Or a planned plumbing refit can reroute gray water to your irrigation system.

Green Building Products

There are a lot of considerations when choosing the building materials and new products that will be used in your renovation. The terms “green” and “sustainable” can refer to a number of different qualities. Ideally, we would like to use only products that are manufactured in a way that is not harmful to the Earth or to the workers who produce them. We also would like our homes to be built with safe and energy-efficient materials.

The Greaves Construction design/ build team can provide you with all of the sources and manufacturing specifications for various elements you might like to utilize. Lower your carbon footprint with materials that were manufactured with recycled content. Protect your own personal indoor environment with low-emission paints, adhesives and carpets. Tremendous water savings can be achieved with contemporary plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems.

Selecting sustainable wood products, like bamboo flooring, not only preserves our forests, but also gives your house a bit of classic style, with finishes that complement any décor.  Green building contractors in Tampa and Hillsborough County offer roofing, insulation, engineered lumber and siding solutions with a variety of certifications that attest to recycled content, green manufacturing techniques and expected energy savings.

The US Department of Energy created the Energy Star program to assist homeowners in comparing the expected power consumption of similar products. Most consumer appliances are eligible for Energy Star rating. You can easily compare the expected lifetime fuel costs of different models of furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units. Roofing materials, windows and doors, and insulation applications can all carry Energy Star ratings.

Green building contractors in Tampa or Hillsborough County will help you weigh all of your choices for efficiency, affordability, durability and all of the other factors that will provide your family with a beautiful, Earth-friendly abode for years to come. Greaves Construction has the experience to help you integrate all of the latest innovations into a design that is customized for your family’s budget and lifestyle.

If you are looking for green building contractors in Tampa or Hillsborough County, consider Greaves Construction. We are proud members of the Florida Home Builders Association, the Florida Green Building Coalition, and we have been named Remodeler of the Year by the Tampa Bay Builders Association.