If you want to revamp your Tampa property with design / build services, look no further than Greaves Construction. Experienced contractors from our team help you create the space you want. It might be a bathroom with universal appliances. It could be a makeover for your kitchen. Or perhaps, you need restoration for your historic home in Hyde Park. You can turn your wants into reality with experts in remodeling.

Choosing the Right Construction Company

There are many designers and builders in the Bay area. Tampa customers can end up with less than excellent design / build services. For example, the HVAC installation may not be as energy-efficient as expected or the repainting is sloppy. Make the wise investment to hire contractors that hold to high standards like, being Building Trade Certified and hiring documented workers.

Likewise, they also inspire confidence in their customers by,

  • Providing a variety of design / build services
  • Having projected start and end dates
  • Inspiring open communication
  • Offering references upon request

The importance of communication

Communication is central to a positive remodeling experience. You want a team leader who asks a lot of questions about your preferences. Perhaps even more important, is someone who listens well. They should be able to turn your ideas into blueprints and plans without misunderstandings or trouble.

Not only is communication important up front but so is connecting regularly throughout the project. Ask your contractor about this. Will they check in with you daily or weekly in Tampa? You will get the information you want while keeping up to date with scheduling. Projected start and end dates are just that — projected. Instead of looking for a staff that rigidly adheres to calendar dates, opt for someone who keeps you informed on progress. That way, installations are not rushed, and you get the product you want.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Whole Houses, and More!

Find a company that offers a variety of design / build services. This speaks to their skillset and makes it easy to incorporate additional projects if inspiration strikes. Greaves Construction can help with kitchen, bathroom, and whole house renovations. They specialize in green building and historic restoration. Whatever your needs in the Bay area, we can accommodate! We have proof of insurance in case something goes wrong on the job. Our staff members are also documented, so everything that happens on your Tampa property is lawful.

4 Benefits of Design / Build Services

Unsure about whether to engage design / build services? We can enlighten you!

Increase Home Value

One important reason to connect with an outstanding contractor is that their work will be of a quality that will up the value of your home. Tampa Bay is a viable city for long-term and temporary residents alike. You might aim to sell in the coming years or plan to stay and create your forever home. Remodeling is a great way to add appeal at the curb, and inside as well. This might be as simple as the addition of new exterior lighting. You might go further by investing in universal appliances and well organized layouts. Not only is your property more enjoyable to you, your family, and guests, but an added benefit is it may also rise in value. As a matter of fact, you could recoup upward of 75% of your investment.

Cost Effective Investment

Bring down utility bills in Hillsborough County with the help of energy-efficient appliances. You might need a new HVAC system in Tampa. You may want low flow faucets or LED lighting. There are many energy-efficient design / build services to consider. From tankless water heaters to wind systems and beyond, we use eco-friendly devices and materials. You will notice a positive difference the next time you get your utility bill!

Maintenance and Improvement

Greaves’ staff can repair your roof, replace the HVAC system, improve yard drainage, paint the exterior of your house, and more. These improvements prevent breakdowns and problems. It also pays to maintain your appliances because repairs are more affordable than replacements down the road. Additions or upgrades help modernize your home and keep it up-to-date. Let your property grow with you. Both improvements and regular home maintenance are investments that reap benefits, not only in the day to day enjoyment but also when you might be ready to sell your property.

Live As You Would Like

Have you always wanted a luxury bathroom? We can install steam showers, heated flooring, a freestanding tub, marble countertops, and more in your master bathroom. What does your dream kitchen look like? Is it more open for easy movement? What about installing the work island of your dreams? Would it have ample space for hosting parties? Instead of wishing and waiting, let our team assist you.

Whether you need a whole house renovation or a simple upgrade, you stand to gain from investing in design / build services.

Living In the Midst of Design / Build Services

We understand that home renovation can be disruptive to family life. Additionally, we realize that not everyone in Tampa Bay has the luxury of staying elsewhere when design / build services occur. If you must stay in-house, our staff goes to great lengths to reduce anxiety and make this process livable. We also have some tried and true suggestions to make it smoother for you and your family. We do our part to contain dust from projects, but you can go further by covering all your belongings. Some people opt to store them in plastic tubs throughout the renovation. Also, keep only the items you absolutely need within reach. Treat it as though you are going on a vacation and can only pack the necessities. If you work from home, take regular breaks to avoid the persistent sounds of construction.

Choose Greaves Construction for Design / Build Services

With Greaves on your side, you can count on clear and consistent communication in Tampa. If something is delayed, you will be the first to know. If we run into problems, we will adjust the finish date. We specialize in custom construction and design / build services. Choose us for:

You will get the upgrades and maintenance you need in Tampa! To start the process, send us a message on our contact page or call 813-985-2739. We look forward to serving you.