Arguably one of the most used rooms in your home, bathroom remodeling is never something you should take lightly. Here in Tampa, Greaves Construction offers you high quality renovation and home remodeling services for the very best prices around. No matter if you need to redo the entire room or if you just need some updated tile and fixtures, we will be able to get the job done quickly while respecting your home. Don’t suffer with outdated fixtures and no storage any longer, call Greaves to get started on your remodeling project today!

What to Consider During Bathroom Remodeling

Tampa and Hillsborough County homeowners either think that bathroom remodeling is a simple DIY job, in which case they attempt it themselves; while others think that it is actually a bigger project than it is, leading them to live with outdated looks to avoid hassle. At Greaves Construction of Tampa, we know that it is impossible to make generalizations about any home services, simply because each and every home project is going to be completely different.

While we love a good DIY project as much as anyone else, we also know you should not take on a project when it is something you aren’t familiar with. Besides considering talent, you should also consider if it will be worth the time and money to purchase the pieces yourself and take the time to figure out how to install them correctly. Jobs such as changing paint colors, switching old faucets and handles for new ones, and decorating are all great DIY projects to take on; but some things should always be left to the pros:

  • Putting in new cabinets. One of the most common bathroom remodeling concerns is making sure there is enough storage; cabinets can be the perfect solution to this problem. High quality cabinets that will last can be thousands of dollars alone. Instead, call Tampa/Hillsborough County professionals and spend less than that on the entire installation.
  • Moving any plumbing or electrical pieces. While a great way to save money is to keep all electrical and plumbing fixtures where they are originally, if you just need your toilet on the other side of the room, this is definitely a time to call the professionals. Not only will you be dealing with moving wires and pipes, but you will also need to make sure the work is legal and up to code.
  • Laying tile. Laying tiles seems pretty simple and self-explanatory, especially when you are talking to someone in a home repair store, but it is anything but that. In fact, laying tile takes precise skills and experience, especially when the tiles need to be cut into smaller pieces to fit. Getting everything to fit, getting smooth grout lines, and making sure everything is spaced even takes skills the average DIY-er does not have.

Greaves Construction

When you have people over to your Tampa home, chances are they will need to visit the bathroom. Don’t feel embarrassed about your chipped tiles, old fixtures or outdated looks; call Greaves Construction for high quality bathroom remodeling services today! From a simple three day job, to something more intensive, know that we will do the job right while always respecting the fact that we are working on your home. From start to finish, we will keep you updated so there are never any surprises, and our contractors are always courteous.

If you have been considering bathroom remodeling, but weren’t sure where to start, call us today in Tampa or Hillsborough County for more information!