Thanks to our bathroom remodeling services, all the residents of Tampa can be one step closer to achieving the home of their dreams. Our services in Tampa and Hillsborough County provide the construction expertise of our team at an affordable cost.

The reasons why customers get in touch with us are always different. We meet some people who are simply tired of seeing the same tile, others complain of a small shower, and others have special needs that need to be met. Regardless of what brings you to Greaves Construction, we know we can help you make the positive changes you are looking for.

Bathroom Remodeling: Getting the Space of Your Dreams

Since the space is such an important part of any home, we know it’s important for everyone to have reliable bathroom remodeling services they can trust in order to find a way to get this luxurious spa feel you have always wanted. With your ideas and our designers, we can create the perfect space.

At Greaves Construction of Tampa, we offer a variety of services. Whether you want to redesign the entire room, or need help with a simple addition, know that we have you covered. Our remodelers are experts and will work to meet all your expectations and needs.

We know well that the residents of the Tampa Bay tend to look for greener options when they are considering making changes to their home. For this reason our bathroom remodeling services include green options too. Ask us about:

  • Low Flow Faucets and Shower Heads
  • Green Material
  • Bamboo Floors and Vanities
  • Wheat Board Vanities
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Recirculation

As you think about your project, you will be able to discuss the various benefits that will come from it. From more space to organize yourself, to saving on your water and energy bills, Greaves’ bathroom remodeling services can transform your life.

Finding the Right Design

Every home in Tampa and Hillsborough County is different, and everyone has different expectations. Some of our customers come to us with specific ideas, and just let us handle the rest of the project. Some others need more guidance and this is great too. Our designers are always happy to listen to your needs, and come up with a design for you.

We have been conducting a successful business in Tampa and Hillsborough County for the past 30 years and are confident we can provide the best staff available around the bay for bathroom remodeling services. You can count on Greaves Construction to have experienced remodelers who are also friendly and trustworthy.

Hiring the wrong contractors in Tampa can often lead to big issues during the projects. We sometimes hear from people who have seen error after error, or encountered safety and trust issues with their workers. Unlike others, we take the time to discuss your exact needs, and take responsibilities to achieve this result, no matter what difficulties we may run into. We make it a priority to never leave a home without receiving full satisfaction from the customers.

Regardless of your needs, big or small, we can take care of you. We pride ourselves on helping you with the entire process from start to finish until everything is just the way your want it. Excellent work and incredible customer services are two of the keys of our success. If you are ready to make some important changes, get in touch with the team at Greaves Construction! We will answer all of your questions, and can get you more information about our bathroom remodeling services so we can start on a project as soon as possible! Achieve your dreams with us by calling today at 813-985-2739.