A bathroom remodeling company can help you alter the appearance of your Tampa home and make the renovation process pain-free. Whether you just relocated or have lived in the property for over a decade, changes might be needed. Maybe you would like more natural light to make the room seem more open. On the other hand, you might want to replace that dingy sink. Perhaps the flooring is outdated, and the cabinet storage does not accommodate your family’s needs. Whatever you would like to eliminate or incorporate, our bathroom remodeling company can help you update the space.

Benefits of Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

Pinterest and online tutorials make it possible to DIY most anything, from tire rotation to kombucha brewing. However, just because you have the information or instructions to accomplish a task, that does not mean you should. Restorations are intensive undertakings that require the specialized knowledge of a builder, plumber, and designer. With our bathroom remodeling company, homeowners in Tampa get:

  • Clear communication
  • Quality assurance
  • Safe building practices
  • Minimal interruptions
  • Clear completion date
  • No ‘surprise’ costs

Without clear communication, you may end up with a layout or look that you did not intend. Our design contractors are open to your wants, needs, and wishes for space. They can offer suggestions or enhancements, as well as input on how to improve your existing ideas. Not only do we install appliances up to code in Tampa, but we also provide the finest building materials. On the job, you can count on safety with few interruptions to your daily routine.

Greaves Construction is a bathroom remodeling company that will provide a clear end to the project, and there will not be any unexpected costs on your final bill. Delays and extra expenses are aggravating and disruptive, not to mention dishonest. When you consult with experts, you can count on a custom renovation done right!

Renovate Consciously

Our business is known around Tampa for its safe and respectable practices, as well as the quality materials we use. Beyond that, we are a bathroom remodeling company that is dedicated to efficiency and environmentally conscious restorations. By adhering to the tenets of sustainable design and green building, you can makeover the washroom and lower your utility bills. We are specialists in water proficiency and conservation, and we can install systems like:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Hot water recirculation pumps
  • Greywater systems
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Low flow faucets

Expect to spend less on bills in Tampa while reducing your water usage. In addition, if you want to explore energy-efficient options, like upping the natural light, our bathroom remodeling company can install windows that will not let in too much heat. After sundown, utilize CFL or LED lighting to keep things shining brightly without hiking up your energy costs.

Distinctive Appliances and Add-Ons

Greaves Construction provides custom design options because we understand that each space is different. And what better way to distinguish an area in your home than with unique appliances and add-ons? We offer a vast amount of choices to meet your wishes and wants, whatever they may be— sauna and steam units, dual vanities, roll-in showers, bamboo floors, and more! No idea is too far-fetched. Just call or come on in to speak with our designers. Just like with the builders who handle installation, you can expect clear communication and no financial surprises. At Greaves Construction, we are upfront and honest with potential clients in Tampa.

Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Company

As restoration professionals, our staff in Tampa can discuss this topic for hours on end. In fact, we encourage clients to do just that! Be open with us, and we can better install fixtures and appliances to your liking. Since the powder room tends to be smaller than other areas in the house, some individuals think that means the renovation will be easier, and they can DIY. However, we challenge residents in Hillsborough County to consider the time and energy put in, as well as the reality of how available you are to complete the project.

Without a professional bathroom remodeling company, quality is sure to be compromised. If you are going to revamp a room in your home, you might as well do it to your custom specifications. Get in touch with Greaves Construction to start forming a plan today!