At Greaves Construction, we provide historic restoration in Tampa, Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County to those that wish to reclaim the beauty of their historical home. After the years, houses that once held so much grace and sophistication can begin to wither and weaken. We provide five main services of renovation and restoration that we use to repossess the former elegance of your home. These five services are: seamless additions, whole house restorations, restoring any level or completely rebuilding to the Secretary of Interior Standards, reproducing anything, and Ad Valorem tax incentives.

Seamless Additions:

  • Greaves Construction has a way of making new additions, in their historic restorations in Tampa, Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County, look as if they have always belonged. This is accomplished by doing seamless additions. If a new addition to the house is desired, we can mirror the existing features of the room to create a subtle, but major, change to the layout.  You can have a brand new guest bedroom that looks like it has always belonged in your old-style home.

Whole House Restoration:

  • When considering the best way to restore your home, sometimes it is more cost effective to commit to a whole house restoration as opposed to working on one room at a time. Greaves Construction can complete a total restoration while maintaining the historic aspect of your home.

Secretary of Interior Standards:

  • The Secretary of Interior Standards is a set of standards that help to protect and preserve the cultural value of a historical home. Greaves Construction abides by these criteria to make sure that your home conserves the value of its past.

Reproduce Anything:

  • We can reproduce anything you desire when we do historic restoration in Tampa and Temple Terrace on your home. If your window shutters are what gives your house the historic feel that you love so much, then at Greaves Construction, we can reproduce those shutters. They will be the exact style that they always have been, but with no cracks in the paint so they won’t look unkempt.

Ad Valorem Tax Incentives:

  • Ad Valorem tax is a fancy way of saying property taxes based on value. Property taxes are assessed by the amount of assets acquired by the home owner. Historic houses can get tax exemptions that could save the owner $140 a year for 10 years on approved renovations. Houses are eligible when renovation increases the value of the property by $10,000. Greaves Construction can work with you to get your home approved for these tax exemptions.

Historic Restoration Contractors

Hiring a company to perform your home’s historic restoration in Tampa, Temple Terrace, West Chase, Lutz and Hillsborough County can be a huge and scary commitment. From personal experience, we know you want a company that will respect your property and restore the pristine condition of the historic quality of your house. Being in the remodeling industry for over 30 years now, we at Greaves Construction provide undeniably pleasing services. Our skilled craftsmen are well-informed and experienced in their areas of expertise and will work with you to make sure that your renovations go exactly as planned. Give us a call at (813)-985-2739 and tell us what you want done today. We will make sure that our remodeling of your home abides all of your wants and wishes, while keeping its historic eminence.