When it comes to ensuring that your commercial property or home receive proper construction work, look no further than Greaves Construction’s design/build services. Dealing with even minor renovations or home improvement in Tampa almost always require a professional finish. A common issue with amateur work is that it fails to match the style of the home. Often, amateur builders end up with a patchwork look instead of receiving designs that blend into older aesthetics to provide a cohesive look. Patchwork looking jobs can lower the value of your property by making it aesthetically unappealing. The first experience that most people are going to have when it comes to purchasing a home or renting is the exterior appearance. It is also the easiest to incorrectly design and the hardest to maintain. Painting exteriors and ensuring a property looks great means upkeep and direction from those with experience dealing with Tampa homes.

Top 3 Benefits of Professional Design

One of the most significant benefits of relying on professional design/build services is monetary savings. For many things such as replacing a fixture, individuals throughout Tampa can most likely invest in the necessary equipment to do the job themselves. However, significant changes to your home like renovating a whole room require more expensive equipment, paints, and prior training.

Expensive home improvement equipment is a waste of money unless you plan on consistently using the item. If not, then you investing thousands of dollars and your time only to pay more for a subpar result. Instead of spending hundreds to attempt the work yourself, homeowners can rely on Greaves Construction. Professional design/build services afford homeowners a better opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Working with professionals like those at Greaves Construction means you do not need to worry about time restrictions or buying tons of paint and tools. Design/build services from Greaves benefit property owners that:

  • Require renovations
  • Looking for high-quality designs and attention to detail
  • Large-scale changes to properties like additional floors


Being familiar with styles and the aesthetic quality of Tampa homes allows designers to understand the nuisances of specific properties better. Bad repairs can take away from the classic and historical nature of other Tampa locations. Average construction work will not be able to withhold the historical value of particular places. Losing that sense of history and quality can be heartbreaking to those wanting to keep the memory of specific locations alive. Design/build services afford homeowners better support and quality when renovating homes and historic properties. Services from Greaves like green building also ensure that renovations are also improvements. By using better systems, homeowners will waste less energy and save on expenses. At Greaves, clients can also choose between five types of renovation options like whole home renovations.

Better designs and attention to detail

Tampa property owners wanting to the best in quality should always ensure their contractors focus on small aspects. Certain jobs can look fine until you take a closer look. Crowning and molding may be damaged and fall apart due to improper installation or cheap materials. In most cases, you will be stuck with this subpar job. So, it is best not to forgo certain design/build services to improve specific rooms such as the kitchen. Kitchen requires careful planning to avoid damaging things like gas systems and lighting.

Additional Floors and more

Tampa homeowners dealing with more extensive changes to property should always rely on professionals with experience. Improper design/build services can leave your home structural unsound and endanger habitats. With the right construction company, homeowners can even improve the overall function of their home. Green building and energy saving equipment help you avoid high electrical costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Take Advantage of Top-quality Design/Build Services from Greaves Today

Rather than wasting your time dealing with multiple contractors to ensure every aspect of your job is done correctly. Relying on a single construction group produces a better-looking job with less hassle and differences in pricing and quality. You can go online today or call (813)985-2739 to learn more about our various construction services.