Proper planning and execution can be challenging to come by when looking through potential design build firms. If you live in Tampa Bay, Greaves Construction provides the detail and quality work you need. Lutz homeowners can also benefit from an increase in property value with the right home construction services.

What many builders and designers will recommend is that you do not attempt to do it yourself. Even small room remodeling will require precise planning to maintain building codes and improve room quality. While online sites make DIY seem simple, it is anything but that. Design build firms can help lower future repair costs and simplify your remodeling project. You will save time, money, and stress. Equipment and materials are expensive; however, many contractors receive discount prices, making it cheaper for consumers.

What Services Do Design Build Firms Provide?

Different design build firms focus on different services. It is vital that Tampa Bay properties owners pinpoint the right company for their needs. Though general contractors may advertise specific services, find one that focuses on interior reconstruction. At Greaves Construction, we can aid clients in the Lutz area with services like:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling
  • One and Two-Story Additions
  • Full Home Remodeling
  • Historic Home Restorations

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Unlike living rooms and other interior spaces, kitchens and bathrooms receive different treatment. Not only are the utilities widely varied, the materials and paint can be as well. Tampa Bay clients do not have to settle for peeling paints or nauseous solvent fumes when they choose professional assistance. We ensure that the colors and materials going into your home are fit for interior applications. Design build firms not only focus on improving the looks of a room but also the functionality. With more efficient appliances, Tampa Bay homeowners can save on power and gas costs.

One and Two-Story Additions

At Greaves Construction, we can also handle substantial renovations or changes like adding additional floors. Many property owners in the Lutz area will notice that there is not much land available for expansion. Buying neighboring plots of land is also time-consuming and expensive. Instead, the best solution is to build up instead of out. As a result, many tightly-packed cities have homes with story additions rather than larger perimeters. While other options like shelves and storage rooms are short-term solutions, additional stories are long-term and provide more than storage. Projects like adding a story are not something you should consider doing yourself. For the safety of residents, only professional design build firms should conduct extensive changes to your Tampa Bay property.

Historic Remodeling

When dealing with historic homes, issues like deteriorating cabinets, countertops, and utilities are unavoidable. Lutz property owners with historic dwellings can update their space without sacrificing the aesthetics. Mold can build up in hard-to-see areas leading to your new wood materials to deteriorate rapidly. Lutz homeowners should rely on a firm like Greaves Construction that pays close attention to potential damages. Tampa Bay experiences a lot of humidity and moisture and homeowners should rely on contractors that specialize in historic properties.

Benefits of Design Build Firms

When working with design build firms, a major benefit is you can easily avoid common pitfalls. Without contractors who can avoid common mistakes, you will end up paying more for the same services. Another major fault with restorations are the unexpected factors. Things like wood root and infestation do not go away by working over them. Checking the health of the materials and foundation is particularly important if the home has been vacant for a long period of time.

When it comes to hiring experienced contractors, look no further than Greaves Construction. We have over 30 years of experience serving clients throughout Lutz and more. Whether you want to change a room or update a historic property, we can handle the design and implementation. Contact the professionals at Greaves Construction today by calling us at (813) 985-2739 or by contacting us online.