There are many questions that will help you decide where to compromise and where to invest when dreaming up your custom kitchen design in Tampa Bay. Envisioning your ideal result is the most powerful tool you have. Make decisions based on your design goals, but keep realistic lines drawn, such as budget and space restrictions. For some extra guidance, we will cover four specific things you and your contractor should consider when planning your project

4 Things to Consider with Custom Kitchen Design

You will want to be extremely clear with your Tampa Bay remodeling designer about how you envision your custom kitchen design and how you plan on using it. For example, you could say:

“I’m planning on regularly having people over, and I want to feel relaxed when entertaining. So I need to ensure that people stay out of my way while I’m cooking. I prefer my kitchen to stay neat and tidy and I also want to be able to clean up efficiently once I’m finished.”

Clear goals help the Tampa Bay homeowner make decisions between options, and as the budget nears the limit, also help choose between options that support your goals. Ask yourself what matters the most to you in your home and keep that in mind.

1. Special Events vs. Daily Use

How many people do you plan to serve? From seats at the dining table to the amount of refrigerator storage needed, the number of people you expect to accommodate will affect your custom kitchen design. Consider the number of people living in your house at the time along with how many you expect in the coming years. Additionally, factor in how often you plan to entertain and for how many people. We recommend designing with your maximum capacity needs in mind.

2. Cost vs. Value

Everything from sinks to cabinets to appliances come in different price points. How do you decide when it is necessary to save a dollar and when you should splurge for a higher-quality product? Ask yourself:

  • Will the investment improve your life in any measurable way?
  • Will the addition make your house feel homier?
  • Would the purchase add value to your Tampa Bay home?

You may decide that a feature you are considering for your custom kitchen design is worth it because of the value it adds. For example, a quality dishwasher will typically eliminate the need to pre-rinse dishes, thus adding value. Perhaps you despise scrubbing dishes and can afford the upgrade. Or maybe the opposite is true; you do not mind doing the dishes, so the investment cannot be justified as easily. Framing your choices as cost vs. value will help you achieve clarity in what is most valuable.

3. Functionality vs. Aesthetics

Ideally, your Tampa Bay custom kitchen design will marry both good looks and functionality, but when dealing with limited funds, trade-offs are necessary. This trade-off is personal and heavily dependent on your lifestyle. Simply put, if it is important to you and you have the budget for it, then go for it. However, if looks are not a priority for you, then there are many ways to cut back and create a room within your budget. You could consider less expensive door styles for your cabinets, quartz counters instead of granite, or a ceramic backsplash instead of glass.

4. The Real Me vs. The Ideal Me

This one is more of a reality check than a trade-off. Some people in Tampa Bay believe that remodeling can change their habits. However, if you are already a messy cook, the chances of a new kitchen transforming you are slim. Rather than plan a custom kitchen design for the person you hope to be, instead focus on solutions that embrace your true nature. For example, a messy cook may want to have a separate cleanup sink where they can hide the dirty dishes away from the eyes of guests.

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