When you choose Greaves Construction Company, you can expect to speak to professional builders in Tampa with a sharp eye for design and function. Not only will our staff members listen to your concepts and dreams for the first-floor bathroom. Or even the addition to the West end of the house. But they will help you understand how you can enhance your existing ideas with energy-efficient appliances or heat-blocking windows. We believe the customer should lead the design process, and that it is our job to increase functionality. On top of clear communication, look for a construction company that offers a wide variety of services. That way, if you are struck with the desire to update the second-floor powder room, the staff that you have hired is equipped to help with this undertaking in Tampa.

Choose The Right Construction Company

Whether you are looking for restoration services or input on kitchen appliances in Tampa. You should consult with a construction company to get well-informed input and direction in creating your plans. The business you choose should be skilled in their trade, open with communication, and upfront about procedures and pricing. Surprise expenses are unwelcome to anyone, and someone hard to talk to, especially the lead contractor, can sour what should be a positive experience. If you intend to transform your home, team up with the right group of builders and designers for an optimal outcome.

Historic Renovations

Updating historic homes can be an exciting endeavor in Hillsborough County. You may have lived in a Cape Cod for years or, perhaps, you just purchased a bungalow in Tampa Heights. Whatever the case, these projects can get complicated quite quickly. After all, older homes were not made to accommodate modern appliances or housewares. Homeowners have to get creative with how they arrange a room or where they store their clothes due to the lack of closet space. If you want to upgrade your investment in history. Look for a construction company that values preservation and acknowledges the benefits of updating features.

Greaves Construction can do a lot for you. We can restore precious historic structures to look at brand new while still maintaining their historic integrity. In addition to restorations, we also offer whole house renovations and seamless additions if you want to add a room to your historic home. If you don’t want to add an entirely new room, we are happy to extend an already existing room to achieve your dream house. Furthermore, if the structure of your home is fine and you’re satisfied with the layout, we can just spruce things up a bit. There’s no need to start breaking everything down if it’s unnecessary entirely.

Greaves Construction Company Universal Design

Along with transforming historic homes, our construction company is one of the leading firms in Tampa that offers universal design services. These accessible home modifications make it simpler for individuals of all abilities to move throughout your house with ease. We offer:

  • Handrails and grab bars
  • Pull-out cooktops at lower heights
  • Varied counter heights
  • Barrier-free, walk-in tubs
  • Roll-in showers
  • And more!

Furthermore, these additions make your property universally accessible, and this style is a visually appealing investment. You may not require a walk-in tub, but a future buyer who is wheelchair-bound will see this as an incentive. The same goes for homeowners whose parents would benefit from universal design, whether they share a residence or visit throughout the year.

Transform Your Kitchen

Does the layout of your kitchen deter you from cooking at home in Tampa? You may love the art of creating a meal, but an inconvenient layout or lack of appliances can make take-out seem like a viable option. If you want to reclaim the kitchen, team up with a construction company who asks you about your ideas and creates designs that enhance them. From LP gas conversions to island and counter concepts, the contractors and designers at Greaves can customize the area to suit your precise needs. For some, this looks like high-efficiency appliances. For others, custom cabinetry or an expanded food pantry fit the bill.

Update Your Bathroom

While your bathrooms are not a social gathering place like the kitchen might be, they deserve some attention too. Some Hillsborough County residents would like to install a sauna unit. Others are aiming to replace the Mexican tile with something less slippery. Maybe you want to let more light in, and wish to do so by adding a window. Not only will our designers point out affordable methods, but our construction company will also show you a range of energy-efficient features. Hence, you get usable and attractive appliances in Tampa, as well as a lower bill. You can select:

  • Low flow faucets
  • Low flow showerheads
  • Bamboo flooring and vanities
  • Hot water recirculation
  • Tankless water heaters
  • And more!

The tools we introduce you to are so functional that your house guests will not know the difference between the energy-saving appliances we offer and those that are more mainstream.

Choose Greaves Construction Company

The designers, contractors, and builders at Greaves give their utmost attention to every detail. From your desire to increase the natural light in the entryway to your aims to incorporate universal design. Greaves’s construction company is the one to choose from. Green building is central to our mission, along with creating an outcome that matches the client’s vision. For input on historic renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, universal design, green building, and more, contact Greaves Construction Company in Tampa.